Safe & Arm Device, Electronic (ESAD)
Initiation of safety critical energetic systems

Electronic Safe and Arm Devices (ESAD)

Electronic Safe and Arm Devices (ESAD) are commonly used on missile and launch vehicle platforms to provide initiation of safety critical energetic systems such as FTS destruct charges, warheads, solid rocket motors, and other operational ordnance devices. ESADs are high voltage, all electronic, in-line safing / initiation devices and are ideal for platforms having high or long duration dynamic environments where rotating electro-mechanical S&As are not desired. ESADs contain internal acceleration and separation sensors typically allowing system integrators to reduce the number of external sensors and mechanical / ordnance linkage and still achieve high system functionality and reliability. EBAD customizes ESADs to unique platform requirements. Several examples are shown in this data sheet.

Principle of Operation

The ESAD detects and validates proper sequencing of acceleration and separation environments and vehicle commanded inputs prior to activating internal arming inhibits. Common inputs include Umbilical Disconnect, Acceleration, and Discrete Commands. When all arming inhibits are satisfied, internal circuitry takes low voltage input power and charges a high voltage firing capacitor bank to >1000V. Upon receipt of a valid Fire Command, the ESAD provides a high voltage / high current pulse capable of reliably initiating an external Low Energy Exploding Foil Initiator (LEEFI). The ESAD provides status monitoring signals whenever power is applied.


The ESAD is available in many design geometries and is housed within a welded stainless-steel enclosure. The ESAD utilizes hermetic micro-D input connectors that conform to MIL-DTL-83513, and high voltage output connectors for LEEFI interface. The design allows for user defined arming environments including separation sense, acceleration detection and input commands. The separation and acceleration thresholds, as well as the safe separation timeout values, are factory settable to customer specifications without modifying the qualified design.


ESADs are used for safe initiation of critical system events such as flight termination, solid rocket motors, and other operational events on tactical missile and launch vehicle platforms.

Key Features

    • Qualified to RCC-319-19 and other heritage Range Safety standards
    • Used on multiple US ranges
    • Fully Electronic in-line Safe and Arm Device
    • Customizable safety logic, safe separation timers, acceleration set points, and I/O configurations
    • Compatible with industry standard Flight Termination Receivers (FTR)
    • Rugged, hermetically sealed construction
    • Many mechanical packaging options
    • High dynamic and thermal environment capability