TiNi™ Auto-Reset Pin Puller

Born Out of Space Constrained Applications

The EBAD Auto Resettable Pin Pullers were born out of space constrained applications where the Actuator is buried deep within a complex instrument with no access to perform a manual reset. Auto reset is achieved by incorporating a secondary SMA actuator which can re-extend the Pin and yet not interfere with normal actuation. This is done using a custom flexure developed by EBAD using our patented SCSMA material.

NEA (Non-Explosive Actuators) – As with all EBAD products, the Auto Resettable Pin Pullers are non-pyrotechnic and field reset-able with a minimum qualified life of 100 cycles.

Electrical Reset – The mechanism can be reset remotely by powering the reset circuit with no manual intervention. A redundant reset circuit may be incorporated for maximum reliability.

Redundant Firing Circuit – As with all EBAD Actuators a redundant SMA circuit is incorporated. This provides complete electrical redundancy as well as mechanical redundancy for the critical trigger element.

Fast Acting – By directly passing current through the SMA element, the Pin Puller’s perform in millisecond time frame making them ideal for synchronized and simultaneous release of multiple tie-down payloads.

Auto Shut-Off Switches – Simple Auto Shut Off Switches are incorporated into each Pin Puller to protect the Trigger. This makes them very “user friendly” and operable from a wide range of current and voltages.

Auto-Reset P5 Details

The P5SR Auto Resettable Pin Puller retracts the output Pin with 5 lb (22N) of force. It uses the same EBAD™ trigger mechanisms as used in our P5 standard Pin Pullers which have 20+ years of space pedigree. It is fast acting and qualified to endure typical Aerospace environments. As with all EBAD products, key attributes include:


    • Non Pyrotechnic and Field Reset-able
    • Redundant Firing Circuit,
    • Maximum Reliability Thru
      • Design Simplicity
      • Pedigree, and
      • Testability

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Auto-Reset P5 Accessories

Function Time at Various Temperatures

Nominal values for reference only.

P5 Details

Specification subject to revision. Contact EBAD for detailed ICD (Interface Control Drawing).