TiNi™ SCSMA Components

20 Times More Elastic Than Normal Metal

SCSMA raw materials and components are routinely manufactured to support R&D projects. Basic “as drawn” forms include wire, leaf, tube and rod. These may be subsequently machined into more complicated shapes that provide a broad range of functions. These are available in small manufacturing lots with a transition temperature ranging from -150C to +200C.

SCSMA is a remarkable material manufactured from Copper, Aluminum, and Nickel (Cu-Al-Ni). This alloy exhibits significantly enhanced performance over commercially available SMAs. These include:

    • Significantly greater strain recovery (9% vs. 3%)
    • Much higher transition temperature capability (250°C vs.100°C)
    • True constant force deflection
    • Very narrow loading hysteresis
    • Recovery which is 100% repeatable and complete

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SCSMAs are manufactured by “growing” as a single crystal from a melt, by a similar method as that used by the semiconductor industry to fabricate silicon boules. The “grown” material is generally fabricated as a rod but can have a range of cross sections (i.e., solid, hollow, flat, or oval). The material can also be subsequently formed into other shapes by traditional fabrication methods such as grinding, machining, or EDM (Electro-Discharge-Machining).

CuAINi Alloy Specifications

Specification subject to revision. Contact EBAD for detailed ICD (Interface Control Drawing).