TiNi™ Thermal Trigger

Perfect for a Variety of Fire Safety Applications

The EBAD TiNi™  Thermal Trigger may be used in a variety of fire safety applications.  The enabling technology is the use of SCSMA (Single Crystal Shape Memory Alloy) material which makes it possible to set the trigger temperature at much higher values than is possible with commercially available SMAs.

NEA (Non-Explosive Actuators) – As with all EBAD products, the Thermal Trigger is non-pyrotechnic and field reset-able with a minimum qualified life of 50 cycles.

High Trigger Temperature – The SCSMA material allows the trigger temperature to be set far above commercially available SMA material’s which are limited to approximately 100 °C.  By contrast, the EBAD Thermal Trigger may be set to actuate at a temperature of up to 200 °C.

Field Reset-able and Reliable – The Thermal Trigger is resettable by simply replacing the severed bolt element after each actuation cycle.  This allows confirmation of the Trigger Temperature for each and every unit manufactured. .

No Stored Energy – The Thermal Trigger does not have any stored energy which is critical in applications where it is absolutely necessary to protect against the possibility of inadvertent release.

High Output Force – Output force and stroke is sufficiently strong to be able to initiate a pyrotechnic charge in fail safe applications.

Thermal Trigger Options

The TT-4772 Thermal Trigger has a low profile and may be configured with a trigger temperature of up to 200 °C.  Actuation is repeatable to within +/-3 °C (across cycle to cycle and unit to unit).  As with all EBAD  products, key attributes include:


    • Non Pyrotechnic and Field Reset-able
    • Customizable Trigger Temperature, and
    • Maximum Reliability Thru
      • Design Simplicity
      • Pedigree, and
      • Testability

* EBAD must provide the replaceable trigger fastener.

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Thermal Trigger Details

Function Time at Various Temperatures

Standard Actuation Temperature configurations shown.  Contact EBAD for intermediate options.

TT-4772 Details
Mass 0.45 oz (12.7 g)
Nominal Actuation Temp. Available from 60 degrees C to 200 degrees C
Typical Actuation Temp. Tolerance ± 5 degrees C
Trigger Pin Stroke 0.23 in [5.8 mm]
Trigger Pint Tip Diameter 0.04 in [1 mm]
Trigger Energy Release 2.8 J (Approx.)
Reusable Actuator Life 50 Cycles MIN
Enclosure Material AI 6061-T65511 per AMS-QQ-A-200/8
Enclosure Finish Chem Film Per MIL-DTL-5541 Class 1A
Trigger Pin Material Ti 6AI-4V per AMS 4965
Trigger Pin Finish Tiodize Type IV per AMS 2488

Note: All values are approximate and for reference only. Contact EBAD for detailed ICD (Interface Control Drawing).