Unmanned Weaponization Package (UWP)

Energetics for UAV/UGVs

Platform-agnostic, remotely operated weaponization system

Unmanned Weaponization Package (UWP)

EBAD’s Unmanned Weaponization Package (UWP – Pronounced U-Whip) is a platform-agnostic, remotely operated weaponization system. Attached via a Picatinny rail or mounting plate, the UWP enables any platform to carry an energetic effect to a location, safely arm, safely release, and on command, detonate.

With a priority on safety, the UWP benefits from decades of explosive charge development experience and utilizes both mechanical and electronic safety features to ensure the system fires when commanded and only after arming inhibits are met.


Universal Attachment Plate mounts to bottom of the UAS or UGV. Payload Module mounts to a post on the Attachment Plate. On command, safely arm, release & detonate payload from remote location. System can be returned safely if the UWP is not deployed.


The UWP can be attached to small, medium & large unmanned platforms, both ground & air with the ability to defeat hard targets, from artillery or tank tubes, C2 nodes, reinforced entry points, vehicles, and more.

    • Hard Target Defeat
    • Military Demolition/EOD
    • Anti-Personnel


    • Rapid attachment to any unmanned system
    • Enables any platform to carry an energetic weapon
    • On-Command safe, arm, release, and detonate
    • Stand alone power and communications • Demonstrated on small UAS and UGV
    • Multiple energetic configurations
    • Ability to safely return to operator
    • Energetics and Electronic Safe and Arm (ESAD) expertise