TiNi™ Subsea Mechanisms

EBAD’s TiNi™ Products

EBAD’s TiNi Subsea history began when the application of the Frangibolt aboard AUVs (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles) was first conceived and demonstrated in a swimming pool. Since then, a complete line of Subsea Actuators have been developed. These can be used directly in deep sea applications without the need of any additional Enclosures or means to seal and protect.

EBAD’s TiNi™ subsea actuators have been used aboard famous manned submarines such as the “Alvin” built by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI) and James Cameron’s “Deep Sea Challenger”, both of which have traversed to the deepest regions of the ocean. Our products have also been used in a wide range of AUVs ranging in function from Military to Marine Ecology. Subsea application for release devices are many and include:

  • Ballast Release
  • Buoy Detachment
  • Emergency Payload Separation
  • Cable Cutters
  • Remote Actuators

For over 30 years, the TiNi™ products have been used on a variety of space and subsea platforms. Below are a few examples of platforms.

Subsea Release Mechanisms

TiNi™ Subsea Ejector Mechanism

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TiNi™ Subsea Frangibolt® Actuator

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TiNi™ Subsea Shackle Release

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TiNi™ Subsea Pin Puller

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TiNi™ Subsea Cut Release

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