Launch Lock Capabilities

Reliable, low-shock technologies for crucial satellite applications

EBAD is the global leader in launch lock products that improve performance throughout the satellite and spacecraft industry. These reliable and compatible products are low-shock, non-pyrotechnic devices that operate in hostile environments – and can be used on antennas, scientific instruments, solar arrays, reflectors, satellite and spacecraft payloads, booms and masts, stage separation, caging mechanisms, and other launch lock applications.

Some key features of EBAD’s launch lock products include having extremely low release shock, near simultaneous release of multiple hold-down points, redundant or non-redundant actuation circuit, and internal torque containment. These crucial products for the space and satellite industries also work within extended operating temperature ranges and, if needed, could be operated with pyrotechnical initiation circuitry.

Hard-working launch lock capability in hostile environments.

EBAD’s in-house engineering expertise allows for the integration of its technologies into custom assemblies to give customers a competitive edge. Modifications can be made to the mechanical interface, housing designs, lead wires, load capability, connector housings, and materials changes. EBAD also offers factory refurbishing when appropriate.

Launch Lock Products

TiNi™ Frangibolt® Actuator

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NEA® Hold Down & Release Mechanisms (HDRM)

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NEA® Pin Pullers

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TiNi™ Pin Puller

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TiNi™ Flat Pack

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