Leverage our decades of experience to help solve your space mechanism challenges.

When you work with EBAD, you are working with the global leader in the non-pyro and Pyro hold down and release mechanisms (HDRMs). We have over two decades of on orbit experience with 100% mission success, with over ten thousand mechanisms successfully released in space. Whether your mission is to service our planet or explore the universe, we have the technologies to meet your cost, schedule, and technical requirements. 

Expanding our technology capabilities

EBAD is always looking ahead to identify future technology advances that will need highly engineered solutions. That is why over the past decade, we have invested in companies and technologies that play a significant role in the development and evolution of the space and satellite industries. While our company’s history is rooted in pyrotechnic/energetic technologies and products, EBAD has broadened our portfolio by providing our customers with additional technology choices that not only reduce costs, but assure reliability, particularly for sensitive equipment.

EBAD’s broad range of non-energetic solutions can support any of your satellite mission needs. From our NEA® (refurbishable, split-spool release) to our TiNi™ (field resettable, shape memory alloy) mechanism product lines, we are committed to identifying and providing industry leading technologies to our customers. No other company has the expertise and successful flight heritage that we do, and we will continue to look out to the future to stay on the leading edge of the market. Our continuous investment in innovative and complimentary technologies enable us to provide customers with a diverse portfolio of products for any mission.

 Technology solutions for any mission
  • Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) – Low output shock and field resettable
  • Split Spool – Lowest power, Lowest output shock, and Greatest thermal range on the market
  • Pyrotechnic – Fastest acting and best simultaneity
James Webb Telescope

With a successful launch in 2021, the James Webb Space Telescope “JWST” is the latest space based observation telescope expanding upon the intriguing discoveries by the Hubble Telescope. With a mirror configuration 5 times larger than the Hubble and a orbit in space past the moon, JWST requires a complex dispensing sequencing from its stowed position in the launch vehicle. Through our NEA ® non-pyro/low shock product line, EBAD is proud to provide all the critical release events on this exciting mission. From pin pullers to separation nuts, EBAD has provided 178 release mechanisms for this important scientific mission.

NEA® product line key features

  • Ultra-low shock
  • Refurbishable
  • Split spool technology designed into four main product lines
    • Hold down release mechanisms “HDRM”
    • Pin pullers
    • Lithium-ion cell bypass switches
    • Isolation valves
  • Wide operating temperature line
  • Wide range of preload capability (0 to 100k lbF)
  • Activation on existing pyro lines
  • Fast activation (less than 40mS) 
  • High simultaneity (less than 5mS)

TiNi™ product line key features

  • Field Resettable
  • Shape memory alloy technology designed into four main product lines
    • Ejectors/Penetrators
    • Pin puller/pusher/
    • Frangibolt® Actuators
    • Isolation valves
    • Cable cutters
  • Low shock
  • Fast acting
Spacecraft Dispensing

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TiNi™ Mechanisms

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Separation, Release & Dispensing

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