Human Space

When Safety and Quality Matter

For over 50 years, EBAD has been a key partner to NASA ensuring mission success on every U.S. human space flight platform since the Mercury program. The customers we served for Apollo are the same customers we serve today for Orion, and one day, we’ll service on a mission to Mars. Whether we are providing mission-critical components on the Orion or CST-100 Starliner crew capsules, or flying our hardware on every major U.S. launch vehicle, EBAD is strongly committed to achieving NASA’s human lunar exploration plan to send the first woman and next man to the Moon by 2024.

There is no payload more sensitive, critical, or more important, than a crewed mission.

Our long heritage and experience is what NASA and the industry rely on when it comes to procuring equipment that is both safe and reliable. EBAD supplyies initiation, separation and deployment solutions to all major commercial and government-funded aerospace partners working with NASA on their future human Space Exploration (LOP-G) Gateway as well as their Commercial Crew Program, and will ensure that our astronauts fly and return safely on every Artemis mission.

We develop and supply highly reliable, man-rated, explosive and non-explosive systems. Our diverse portfolio ranges from ordnance solutions to non-energetic (refurbishable and/or resettable) technologies, and provides our customers with additional technology choices that not only reduce costs, but assure reliability, particularly for sensitive equipment.

Our 100% mission success rate demonstrates our organizational capability to develop, qualify, and deliver hardware to some of the most demanding technical and programmatic requirements. Our company has stood the test of time and is vigilantly focused on the future…Right for your Mission™.

The Orion Program

NASA’s Orion is the nation’s exploration spaceship that will safely take humans into deep space, including the Moon and Mars. Orion will serve as the exploration vehicle that will carry the crew to space, provide emergency abort capability, sustain the crew during the space travel, and provide safe re-entry from deep space return velocities. Orion is designed to fly on NASA’s heavy-lift rocket, the Space Launch Systems (SLS). EBAD is working closely with industry partners in support of both of these missions by supplying components integral to the safety and reliability of these applications.

NASA and Lockheed Martin’s Presitgious Rigel Award

The Rigel Star is a blue super giant star that shines with the luminosity of approximately 85,000 times that of the Sun, and can be found in the Orion constellation, 700-900 light-years away. The Rigel’s radiant characteristics stand out among the other stars, which is a befitting description to the Rigel Awards recipients. In 2019, EBAD was awarded the Rigel Award by NASA and Lockheed Martin in recognition of supplier performance above and beyond contractual obligations. Given the scope and diversity of the Orion program, EBAD is honored to have been recognized for our outstanding contributions to the Orion program and as an exceptional partner to Lockheed Martin.


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