About Us
Innovating for Your Mission Success

Solutions require innovation. In 1836, William Bickford’s invention of the safety fuse (a superior initiator for mining explosives) heralded not only a safer era for miners, but the formation of the Ensign-Bickford company. From this single but significant milestone, EBAD has developed global industry influence and extensive capabilities. Ideas, insights, and engineering breakthroughs have made us developers of the most reliable and precise Space and Defense energetic and mechanism solutions available.

Delivering on Our Promises

Our history of providing highly-reliable solutions is unequaled, as is our commitment to meeting delivery, safety, and performance requirements. Our ability to deliver solutions to stringent customer requirements to a diverse Space and Defense customer base has set us apart from our competitors. The employees at each of our facilities across the country strive every day to meet our commitments, equipping our customers for mission success.

Evolving with Our Customers

The application of Ensign-Bickford products to strategic platforms in the 1950s enabled these new missiles to achieve higher levels of mission performance. Since that time, our customers have relied on EBAD’s mission-proven technologies that can evolve with mission needs. Whether our products are used for Launch Vehicle stage separation, Missile motor ignition, Satellite solar array release, or Warfighter door breaching, our products and capabilities enable your mission success today, and in the future.

Mission Success
We are “Right for Your Mission™”

No other company can match the range of innovative energetic and mechanism solutions that we’ve developed and manufactured; this breadth of technology innovation and applications engineering is the foundation on which our success—and yours—rests. Every day the employees of EBAD strive to prove that we are “Right for Your MissionTM.”

Who We Are
Vision & Mission

Our Vision: EBAD is the global provider of integrated solutions critical to mission success.

Our Mission: To inspire our employees to achieve their full potential and continuously improve and implement strategies to best serve our customers.