Supplier Information

Provided below is a link to EBAD’s Counterfeit Material Avoidance Training:

Counterfeit Material Avoidance Training
(Note: video will pop up in a new browser tab).

Provided below are links to EBAD’s Procurement Documents for Subcontracts/Purchase Orders. These are incorporated by reference on EBAD’s Purchase Orders and include:

ADPUR-03 Applicable Federal Acquisition (FAR) and FAR Supplement Clauses

ADPUR-04 Purchase Order Provisions

ADPUR-05 EBAD Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

ADPUR-07 Supplier Information Request (SIR) Form

Calibration Requirements

Provided below is a link to the EBAD Supplier Code of Conduct Policy

Supplier Code of Conduct Policy

Provided below is a link to the EBAD Modern Slavery Statement

Modern Slavery Statement

Quality Policy

Customer satisfaction enables all other successes of Ensign-Bickford Aerospace & Defense. With the knowledge, commitment, and teamwork of all our employees, EBAD shall demonstrate exceptional responsiveness to customer needs and unrelenting drive for continuous improvement in all processes to achieve on time delivery of the highest quality products and services that comply with all customer requirements. This will ensure customer satisfaction.