Design & Analysis

Electrical Design & Analysis

EBAD’s Electronics team possesses the exceptional skills and advanced tools needed to design and develop a wide range of electronic solutions, from small industrial firing circuits to crucial components for launch vehicles, strategic missiles, and tactical missiles.

Collaborative Success:

We prioritize close collaboration with your team from the outset, co-creating systems tailored to your mission-critical needs. Our engineers have the freedom and resources to innovate rapidly, delivering breakthrough design solutions. This is facilitated by our state-of-the-art technology stack:

    • Altium design software: Simplifies circuit board design and simulation.
    • SolidWorks™: Offers advanced capabilities for mechanical packaging.
    • In-house brass board manufacturing: Facilitates rapid prototyping and verification.
    • In-house environmental test capabilities: Ensures rigorous testing to meet stringent standards.

Your Trusted Partner for Flight-Critical Solutions:

EBAD’s unique combination of vertical integration, expertise, and a commitment to continuous improvement makes us the ideal partner for all your flight-critical initiation needs. We deliver exceptional service and quick turnaround times, empowering you to achieve your mission objectives with confidence.

Mechanical Design & Analysis

EBAD is a leading force in design and analysis for the space and defense industry. We leverage extensive knowledge and advanced technology to deliver solutions that consistently surpass customer expectations.

Unmatched Capabilities:

    • Solid Modeling and Data Management: Seamlessly transitioning from solid models to finished products, we utilize software’s like SolidWorks® for efficiency and accuracy.
    • Thermochemical/Ballistic Analysis: Employing advanced tools like CHEETAH and NASA/LEWIS, we ensure optimal performance and safety in even the most demanding environments.
    • Structural Analysis for Short-Duration Events: We are pioneers in the analysis of explosive transients, utilizing ANSYS AUTODYN to optimize crucial products like Frangible Joints, Linear Shaped Charges, and Separation Bolts.
    • Thermal and Structural Analysis Expertise: Our team leverages the power of ANSYS to tackle even the most intricate thermal and structural challenges, guaranteeing unwavering reliability across all applications.
    • Fatigue and Fracture Analysis: Integrating NASGRO® into our analysis process allows us to predict and prevent potential failures, assuring the long-term performance of your critical systems.

One-Stop Shop for New Product Development:

EBAD offers a comprehensive suite of design and analysis services, eliminating the need to collaborate with multiple vendors. Our team integrates expertise across various disciplines, streamlining and optimizing the development process.

Dedicated to Advancing the Frontier:

EBAD constantly pushes the boundaries of design and analysis. We invest in advanced technology and foster a culture of continuous learning to remain at the forefront of the industry. We are committed to delivering the most sophisticated solutions for your future missions, serving as your trusted partner in success.