Design & Analysis

Electrical Design & Analysis

The EBAD Electronics team has the technical expertise and tools to design and develop products from small industrial based firing circuits to flight critical components on launch vehicles, strategic missiles and tactical missiles. 

Our goal is to work closely with you early in the design phase so we can co-develop systems to meet your mission critical needs. Our engineers can do this because they are given the freedom and tools to quickly innovate new design solutions. This is accomplished through the use of Altium design software for circuit board design and simulation, SolidWorks™ for mechanical packaging, in-house brass board manufacturing, and in-house environmental test capabilities. 

This vertical integration and expertise makes EBAD the company to come to for all your flight-critical initiation needs. Couple this capability with our continuous improvement culture where we augment our core capabilities, and you get excellent service with a short turnaround time.

Mechanical Design & Analysis

From solid model to end product, we are leaders in design and analysis for the aerospace and defense industry. We were pioneers in the application of computational mechanics to understand ordnance device function and design, and since 1992 we’ve been industry innovators with the use of SolidWorks® software for solid modeling, drafting and product data management. Additionally, EBAD performs thermochemical/ballistic analysis using CHEETAH, and NASA/LEWIS.

Our EBAD analysis experts closely couple, design, analyze and test activities to ensure our products meet customer mission critical needs. We are industry innovators in the analysis of short-duration, explosive transient events which are evaluated using ANSYS AUTODYN and used for the analysis of multiple EBAD product lines including Frangible Joints, Linear Shaped Charge, and Separation bolts. The EBAD Analysis team is also highly experienced in utilizing ANSYS for thermal transient environments, and in both linear and nonlinear structural applications. This coupled with our capability to conduct fatigue and fracture analysis using NASGRO® makes EBAD a one-stop shop for all new product development design and analysis.