EOD & Demolition

The right charge and initiation system for your mission

Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and Demolition require reliable initiation methods and explosives for effective operation. Our team of experts are the industry leaders in all fields of energetics, from technical products and solutions to chemical expertise. We design and manufacture explosive charges for Military Demolition and EOD applications in our state-of-the-art development lab and manufacturing facility in Graham, Kentucky. Breaching, Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and Demolition missions require highly reliable initiation methods and explosives. Because safe, reliable, precise timing and interconnection of simultaneous devices is imperative for military use, our systems have been specially designed with your missions in mind.

Custom-Built, High Quality By Design

EBAD is proud to offer only the highest quality manufactured components. Our Specialty Charges can be made precisely for customer specifications – or we can offer a detailed mission analysis and provide you with a custom-built solution. We have the ability to model various options, build and deliver prototypes, construct targets and test (or support test) at your facility. We then refine the deliverable based on these tests. Once approved, we can manufacture your product on a large scale, develop custom packaging and deliver it anywhere in the world.

Focused on Warfighter safety

Used as an explosive method of entry, commonly to facilitate hostage rescue, building evacuation or to secure high value targets. Because the charges are custom built-in and we offer the most reliable interfaces, there is reduced time on target, less inventory in the field and the warfighter can focus on other important tasks. All EBAD plastic bonded explosives are qualified to MIL-PRF-46676 and the Advanced Cutting Explosives also meet the performance requirements of OES-0006C. Key features of the explosives include PRIMASHEET® 1000 (DETASHEET® Flexible Explosive) and PRIMASHEET 2000, a Slip-On-Booster, Detonating Cord and Advanced Cutting Explosives.

Reliability by design

Initiation Systems

As a world leader in non-electric shock tube initiation systems and explosive charges, you can rely on EBAD’s experience in product development as well as our commitment to meeting your mission’s specifications. EBAD Initiation Systems use shock tube devices to transmit the explosive signal to a charge. Our Shock Tube Initiation Systems offer non-electric detonation that is reliable, easy-to-use and safe

Detonating Cord

Detonating Cord is a reliable, textile cord used for a wide variety of applications in the EOD and demolition work. EBAD’s Detonating Cord provide a controlled detonation rate and energetic output, for applications such as wide-path mine clearance, Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Demolition.

M151 & M152 Booster Assembly

EBAD’s M151 and M152 Booster Assemblies are a low core load detonating cord with an attached blasting cap. Compatible with standard detonating cords, cap wells, munitions, and explosives, they perform exceptionally well both on the surface and underground. When your mission requires multiple detonation from a single initiation event with near simultaneous detonation the M151 and M152 booster assemblies provide the versatility to connect into one initiation point.

Plastic Bonded Explosive (PBX) Detonating Cord

EBAD offers a range of Plastic Bonded Explosives (PBX) used for EOD and Demolition. Manufactured to US and International specifications, our PBX products are flexible to use in different missions. Our standard PBX products include Primasheet® Sheet Explosive, ACE™ Advanced Cutting Explosive, Slip On Boosters (SOB), M112 and M118 Demolition blocks. The charges are able to be easily field configured to meet the mission requirements.

Our Legacy leads to Innovation

Leveraging over 180 years of EBAD’s explosive expertise coupled with modern technology allows us to develop and provide innovative and unique solutions. Our team of seasoned designers and manufacturers are integral to the development and evolution of technologies fundamental to the foundation of EBAD’s solution portfolio. Our ever-expanding and diverse workforce attracts energetic, new talent which pushes us to continuously innovate and challenge the way we see our customers and our markets, and the products and solutions that we provide to support them. We thrive on our successful heritage and past experiences to pursue the future with our new technologies, enabling us to continue to engineer and develop innovative system solutions for your next mission.

Design. Prototype. Test. Production.

We design and manufacture initiation systems and explosive charges to meet all your mission requirements at our ATF and DoD approved Graham, Kentucky facility. Our state-of-the-art development lab is a one-stop shop with the capability to fabricate prototypes, construct targets, and test in collaboration with our customers. Effectiveness of the target defeat, initiation reliability and delay timing requirements can be assessed real-time allowing for rapid solution iterations resulting in highly efficient product development. This approach provides the data necessary to validate mission success and reduce and eliminate risk to the Warfighter.

Customized to accomplish any mission

We work closely with and listen to our customers to constantly develop solutions needed for today and tomorrow’s environments. We have solutions for breaching double and triple brick walls, as well as steel reinforced concrete. We are ready to design a solution to meet your requirements, whether focused on optimizing for weight, size, ruggedness, net explosive weight, or simplicity of use. All of our systems are designed, developed, and manufactured with a focus on safety and reliability.


EBAD’s #1 core value is safety

Our Warfighter team is comprised of highly trained individuals with an expert knowledge on explosive products and applications. Preparing the Warfighter for mission success, EBAD understands the importance of training and education. Throughout all of our training courses, we focus on the safe use, handing and deployment of our products helping the Warfighter gain the confidence to use the product safely and appropriately.

Proper training provides confidence, awareness and leads to mission success. Our team of experts provide in-country support on product familiarization, application assessment and extensive training to support counter terrorism, homeland security and country security. With a global footprint in over 30 countries, EBAD is able to support our allied forces’ international Military and Law Enforcement Units with explosives training, tactical energetic entry and explosive breaching. EBAD continually assesses mission risks in order to improve application performance and minimize collateral impact to the Warfighter.

Initiation Systems

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ACE™ Advanced Cutting Explosive

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Demolition Block, M112

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Demolition Block, M118

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PRIMASHEET® Sheet Explosive

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PRIMACORD® Detonating Cord

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M151 & M152 Booster Assembly

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