2023 Hypersonic Innovation Conference

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the 2023 Hypersonic Innovation Conference in Dayton, Ohio, May 2-4 at Booth 315. We will be featuring our separation, flight termination, and initiation products. We’re looking forward to talking with you about our capabilities and cutting-edge technologies.

Separation Technologies

EBAD’s technology portfolio is continually expanding, providing our customers with a wide range of solutions supporting the aerospace and defense markets, ranging from pyrotechnic to non-energetic products and devices, making us the supplier of choice for any mission.

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Flight Termination

EBAD Flight Termination Systems (FTS) provide redundant explosive assemblies capable of terminating the flight of airborne missiles or launch vehicles when they veer from their targeted path. Our innovative systems have been designed and developed to sever structures, to create aerodynamic instability, for motor destruction, or destruction of other major vehicle elements.

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EBAD designs and manufactures devices tailored to meet a range of system initiation requirements for the Warfighter, tactical missiles, aircraft and space launch vehicles. To address technical, systems and reliability requirements, EBAD employs proven technologies, engineered and adapted to meet the system architecture requirements of our customer.

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