Company Overview
Ensign-Bickford Aerospace & Defense (EBAD) Company

We are constantly investing in our future at Ensign-Bickford.

It is our safety-first commitment that allows us to protect our people, facilities, and customers. Whatever your next mission is, EBAD is here to deliver top-of-the-line solutions and innovations.

Our History

Formed in 1836 through William Bickford’s invention of safety fuse, Ensign-Bickford’s subsequent invention of Primacord® textile braided detonating cord in the 1930s was seminal for its entrance into the Space and Defense markets. In the 1950s, its detonating cord product was used for separation systems on programs such as the Martin Company’s Matador missile, and many subsequent missiles of that era. Ensign-Bickford’s participation in the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs starting in the late-1950s ushered in our long-standing participation in manned space programs that is still ongoing today.

Our Growth

With the divesture of its commercial mining product offering in 2004, EBAD matured its positions in the Launch Vehicle and Missile, Manned Space, EOD and Military Demolition, Breaching, and Vehicle Protection markets. In 2010, EBAD acquired its NEA® space mechanisms product line and SDI Defense and Aerospace, and in 2017 acquired the TiNi™ shape memory alloy mechanisms product line, expanding EBAD’s product offerings to commercial telecom, military observation & navigation, earth science, and exploration Satellites and Spacecraft customers.

Our Future

Today, EBAD has a broad capability for Space and Defense customers seeking high performance energetic and mechanism technologies, low-risk heritage products, excellent custom design capability, demonstrated high reliability performance, and dependable on-time delivery of products and services.

Mission Critical Leadership you can count on.

Using the most modern engineering and technology solutions, EBAD continues to be the industry leader in the development of reliable energetic solutions for aerospace and defense applications. Whether it’s launch vehicle flight termination systems or military breaching systems, our team brings an extensive wealth of experience in design, test and analysis. We not only maintain a broad technical skill set utilizing the most up-to-date design, test and analysis tools, we are constantly investing in the very best training and development of our engineering personnel.