Bi-Directional Destruct Charge
Terminate any mission

Precise construction for various applications

Adjust the different missions of your destruct charges easily and efficiently for cost-effectiveness and inventory control. You can achieve flight termination for any missile application, including space, strategic, or tactical by simply tailoring a destruct charge for your specific needs. From the hermetically sealed aluminum skin that destroys propellant aerodynamics to near perfect reliabilities, destruct charges are ideal for expanding product capabilities while decreasing inventory needs. With the same product, multiple destruct application needs can be addressed with easy tailoring to the mounting.

Bi-Directional Destruct Charge (BDDC) | Multiple usages, optimal advantages

The best preventative defense begins with EBAD standard >0.999 reliability and the ability to offer multiple solutions in a single unit. The EBAD Bi-Directional Destruct Charge (BDDC), both EWR 127-1 and RCC-319 compliant, is an explosive 6.9” diameter pancake charge that blasts shrapnel from a set of two lead discs in opposing directions. Upon detonation, the disc shrapnel is propelled towards the target, rupturing it on impact. A typical target can be the fuel and oxidizer tanks of a liquid propelled rocket motor. This destruct event halts the flow of propellant to the rocket engine’s combustion chamber, thereby terminating the flight. In the event of the fuel/oxidizer being hypergolic (self igniting), a complete destruction of the vehicle can be achieved with this additional explosive energy.

Bulk Destruct Charge (BDC) | Terminate any mission.

The Bulk Destruct Charge (BDC) is RCC-319 compliant and intended for Flight Termination Systems in the Tactical market.  This Stainless Steel, 1.9” H x 3.8” D hermetic device accomplishes its intended effect through the detonation of a PBXN-9 core bulk charge.  The Destruct Charge provides both fragmentation and pressure to fracture the target from within.  A flyer plate effect is also present and useful for motor dome perforation.  Use the Bulk Destruct Charge with the EBAD Flight Termination System Electronic Safe and Arm Device (ESAD) for a RCC-319 complaint sub-system.