Pre-Made Charge, Breacher Strip
Reliable and Ready for Action

Breacher Strip – Before

Breacher Strip – After

The Breacher Strip is a pre-made advanced breaching tool that incorporates PRIMASHEET® 1000 (DETASHEET® Flexible Explosive) explosive sheet, a SOB® Slip-On-Booster, and Detonating Cord into a ready-made charge for explosive door breaching. The strip has double sided tape adhesive applied to one side of the assembly with a non-elastic tape enclosure to protect the charge from elongation. A short length of sealed Detonating Cord is inserted through the SOB® for connecting standard detonators.

The charge assembly is vacuum-sealed in a barrier bag for maximum protection and storage life. The Pre-Made Charge is manufactured under controlled conditions, providing high consistency, quality, and reliability. All of the explosive components are designed, manufactured, and qualified for use by United States Military and International Forces.


    • Metal door breaching
    • Wood door breaching
    • Window breaching
    • Light wall breaching
    • No field assembly required – open and go


    • Charge size – spooled – 0.75″ x 5″ x 5″ (19 mm x 127 mm x 127 mm)
    • Primasheet® 1000 (DETASHEET® Flexible Explosive) (PETN based) – unspooled – 0.75″ x 83″ (19 mm x 2108 mm)
    • SOB® Slip-On-Booster – for reliable initiation and detonation transfer
    • Detonating Cord – 50 gr/ft (10 g/m) – 10″ (254 mm) for attachment of standard military detonators
    • Adhesive Tape and Hydrogel – for target placement
    • Compliant with Montreal Protocol taggant (tracer) levels


The Breacher Strip is deployed by unspooling the PRIMASHEET® Flexible Sheet Explosive. This exposes the adhesive providing a firm attachment to the target. The charge is then placed on the specific target location (typically near the hinges of the door) and pressed in place. Once the Breacher Strip is deployed, the detonator from an EBAD SKIN-PACK® or equivalent initiation device is attached to the Detonating Cord using an accepted method of attachment.