Explosive & Environmental Testing

Controlled testing to match your requirements.

EBAD offers extensive in-house test capabilities to support your program requirements. Each of our manufacturing sites maintains test equipment and facilities well suited to the products they offer.  In each case, these facilities and equipment have been designed to support your most challenging environmental and energetic test requirements.

The right mix – extensive experience and commitment to quality.

Through extensive experience, we have developed the knowledge and systems to safely and effectively support your energetic and non-energetic test requirements. Our personnel are proficient at testing in accordance with commercial and military standards as well as developing custom test programs to meet your specific requirements. Our diverse product portfolio enables us to maintain a wide range of data acquisition and measurement capability from raw material characterization through finished product testing. This enables us to offer comprehensive test services that lower risk and can adapt to support rapidly changing requirements.

Our commitment to quality service is the driving force behind each test we perform. Our extensive preventative maintenance programs and NIST traceable calibration ensure the accuracy of all our data recording and measurement equipment. Our mature systems and experienced personnel ensure the overall success of your test program.

*Commercial Item per FAR 2.101