Conical Shaped Charge (CSC)
Reliable. Technically Smart.

For use in Flight Termination Destruct Charge, the design of the Conical Shaped Charge is simple and technically sound. EBAD has proven that PBXN is an excellent explosive material to use both for initiation reliability and cutting jet performance. Detonation of either, or both, FCDCA will initiate the PBXN Precision Initiation Coupler (PIC). The geometry of the PIC will ensure a planar detonation front as the detonation transfers from the PIC to the PBXN main charge. Detonation pressure generated PBXN main charge collapses the Conical Liner upon its central axis. As the Liner collapses, the material collides and forms a high-velocity jet of metal capable of penetrating several inches of steel and other materials.