Detonation Booster Assembly (DBA)
EBAD takes the initiative across the spectrum.

Detonation Booster Assembly (DBA)

EBADs Detonation Booster Assemblies (DBAs) are the US launch vehicle and space industry’s standard devices. DBAs are commonly used on missiles, launch vehicles, spacecraft and other aerospace and defense platforms to transition the pyrotechnic output of an Electric Initiator (such as a NSI or Series 76 Initiator), to a 1-grain HNS detonation output. DBA’s provide reliable detonation transfer to many devices such as linear shaped charges, frangible joints, and other detonation based elements. EBAD produces DBAs with output threads ranging in size from 5/8″ to 3/4″.

Principle of Operation

For Series 77 DBAs, the heat from the pyrotechnic output of an electric initiator such as a NSI or equivalent initiates a lead azide/HNS column in the DBA, which provides a deflagration-to-detonation transition to a 1-grain HNS output charge. The detonation of the HNS output charge launches as a flier plate that can be used to initiate a wide variety of detonating explosive components.


The Series 77 DBA features a threaded stainless-steel body that houses a lead azide/HNS transition charge and an HNS output charge. The output is equivalent to the industry standard 1-grain FCDCA end-tip in geometry and performance. An initiator can be threaded into the DBA to form an Initiator- DBA (IDBA) Assembly. The entire assembly is hermetically sealed. EBAD DBAs feature a standard hex construction with standard threads to allow mating to initiation manifolds or downstream explosive components.


The Series 77 DBA is suitable for direct initiation of detonation devices or for initiation of FCDCA based explosive transfer systems. EBAD DBAs are used for initiation of: stage, fairing, and shroud separation systems, solid rocket motor igniters and thrusters, point separation devices, and range safety system destruct charges and safing interrupters.

Key Features

    • NSI or equivalent initiation
    • Rugged stainless-steel construction
    • Standard electrical/mechanical interface
    • Space rated materials
    • Equivalent output to EBAD’s FCDCA
    • Qualified for human-rated platforms

*Commercial Item per FAR 2.101