Detonation Signal Interrupter
Little things can make a big difference

Detonation Signal Interrupter

The seemingly simple concept of safing and arming is critical to control any explosive train. EBAD interrupters are used in systems where a mechanical barrier is required to preclude inadvertent initiation of a mission critical explosive function.

A successful ordnance starts with the ability to stop it

EBAD is focused on high performance, reliability and system flexibility with interrupters qualified to EWR 127-1 so your launch vehicle flight termination ordnance is successful. Our designs are similar to the standards of MIL-STD-1316 which details the requirements for interrupted explosive trains in fuses. Our respected pedigree in manifold design is the basis for the housing design of our interrupters which includes a solid barrier with a piston capable of blocking detonation transfer between two explosive devices, such as FCFCA endtips. Upon detonation of an actuating FCDCA endtip, the barrier is accelerated from its initial position (from “SAFE” to “ARMED” or vice versa). Variations on this design can include time delays as well as explosively loaded barriers.