EBAD Advances Weaponization of Drones and Unmanned Vehicles
With a mission to create more autonomous weapons systems that hyper-enable and protect the warfighter from unnecessary risk, Ensign-Bickford Aerospace & Defense Company (EBAD) has developed the Unmanned Weaponization Package (UWP) ready for use on the battlefield. The low-signature UWP system was designed to weaponize unmanned aerial systems, unmanned ground vehicles (UGV), and other platforms to strategically take out high-value targets such as tanks, command and control units, and air defense systems. EBAD’s UWP provides a tactical advantage over large traditional platforms through a smaller footprint, faster deployments, and lower logistical costs.

The UWP is an independently powered and operated system, designed to be attached to any unmanned system via a mounting plate, and capable of arming, releasing, and detonating a suite of energetics on command. EBAD leveraged its extensive background in designing and manufacturing reliable Electronic Safe and Arm Devices (ESAD) for missile and space applications to create a safety architecture robust enough for the modern battlefield.

“We drew on our extensive ESAD knowledge of hypersonic missiles, separation and flight termination systems as well as our expertise in energetics to develop this UWP capability to serve the modern warfighter,” said Edris Raji, EBAD’s Warfighter Segment Director. “We also designed this system with extensive input from our customers – the end user – to ensure our system met their real-world needs.”

The UWP is comprised of a multi-component system, including a control module that attaches to the platform, the energetic module that contains the battlefield effect, and a wireless handset for the operator to command the device. To date, EBAD has demonstrated blast-overpressure, anti-personnel fragmentation, bulk destruct, and a variety of shape charges. The system has been shown to carry as little as 50g of energetics all the way up to 20lbs.

“The UWP provides the ability for any drone or ground asset to be weaponized,” said Matt Bragoni, EBAD’s Program Manager. “The system was designed with operator ease in mind and can be attached in moments with training taking just a few minutes. Our customers challenged us to deliver a system that will fit any existing product in their inventory – and we delivered.”
By assembling a suite of energetic solutions capable of being delivered remotely by an unmanned asset, the system serves as a veritable Swiss Army knife of capability to a ground operator.

EBAD has been conducting demonstrations of the UWP systems to various American and international end users and has flown the system on multiple commercial and defense-only air and ground unmanned assets. The system has been declared an “incredible force multiplier” by several customers.

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