SmallSat Symposium 2024

EBAD will be attending the SmallSat Symposium in California from February 6th to the 8th, 2024. Stop by table #77 to learn more about our Spacecraft Dispensing and Release Mechanisms.


The future of spacecraft deployment is smooth and controlled, thanks to the NEA® Multi-Point Payload Release Module (PRM). This animated video takes you behind the scenes of game-changing technology, highlighting the capabilities our PRM has to offer for your mission.

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NEA® Hold Down & Release Mechanisms (HDRM)

EBAD is the global leader in non-pyrotechnic Hold Down & Release Mechanisms (HDRM) for the spacecraft market. Hold Down & Release Mechanisms, also sometimes referred to as Separation Nut Release Mechanisms, are offered in a range of sizes with load capacities up to a 500 kN (112,000 pounds force).

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TiNi™ Mechanisms

EBAD’s TiNi™ products are non-pyrotechnic and field resettable, utilizing shape memory alloy to perform the necessary actuation for a variety of products and end applications. EBAD’s TiNi™ products offer a variety of solutions for satellites, subsea and aerospace/defense applications, to include the release of satellite solar arrays, subsea ballast releases, launch locks, cable cutters and other types of hold/release components.

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