Flexible Confined Detonating Cord Assembly (FCDCA)
Ideal for systems that require a robust, high strength, flexible explosive transfer line

Flexible Confined Detonating Cord Assembly (FCDCA)

EBAD’s Flexible Confined Detonating Cord Assembly (FCDCA) is an explosive transfer line widely used on missile, launch vehicle, and manned space platforms for motor ignition, separation, and Flight Termination applications. EBAD has been producing explosive transfer lines for more than 50 years, and this version of FCDCA product has been fielded for more than 30 years. FCDCAs are ideal for systems that require a robust, high strength, flexible explosive transfer line.

Principle of Operation

FCDCAs are detonation transfer devices, so must be actuated with a detonating initiator such as a Safe & Arm, electric detonator, Low Energy Exploding Foil Initiator (LEEFI), Lanyard Pull Initiator (LPI), or similar detonating device. FCDCAs explosively transfers a detonation signal at a high velocity from the initiating device to an output device such as a Destruct Charge, Linear Shaped Charge or Frangible Joint. FCDCAs can be multiplexed by using manifolds to initiate multiple devices with a high degree of simultaneity from a single input. Couplers and fittings are available to provide explosive signal transmission across missile and launch vehicle stages and separation planes.


A FCDCA consists of a linear explosive cord, wrapped in a flexible confinement structure which has end tips that can be connected into manifolds or ordnance devices. FCDCAs use only HNS explosive materials which yields a long installation life of greater than 50 years for fielded missile platforms. The over braid confinement structure provides complete confinement of explosive by-products of the cord detonation. The finished assembly is hermetically sealed and tested to a wide range of environmental conditions. FCDCAs are available in any length and come with many end-tip types and free-spinning nut thread sizes.


FCDCAs are flight proven in Operational and Flight Termination Systems for many missile, launch vehicle, and manned space platforms. They are often used in conjunction with Electronic or Electro-Mechanical Safe & Arms, Lanyard Pull Initiators (LPI), and used to initiate separation nuts and bolts, cutters, pyrovalves, Thru-Bulkhead Initiators (TBI), linear separation systems, and destruct charges. They are ideal for systems that have extreme climatic and dynamic environments. They are impervious to lightning, EMI, HEMP, and other extreme electromagnetic and contested environments.

Key Features

    • Rugged, flexible and lightweight
    • Tight bend radii
    • Full confinement explosive by-products
    • Insensitive to unintended ignition
    • Demonstrated long service life
    • Qualified to RCC 319 and other heritage Range Safety standards
    • Used on multiple US and foreign ranges
    • High dynamic and thermal environmental capability

*Commercial Item per FAR 2.101