Frangible Nut
Unique and Precise

Frangible Nut

EBAD’s Frangible Nut Assembly consists of a single metal structure and two explosive booster assemblies that are easily tailorable for size and input requirements. The single piece Frangible Nut is uniquely machined from Inconel to have a pre-defined separation plane. Four precision-machined webs hold the two halves of the Frangible Nut together.

High Reliability – Under Control

The Frangible Nut Assembly is highly reliable and is designed to accommodate two explosively loaded Booster Assemblies, which ensure redundant initiation. The Assembly is comprised of a combination of an inert item (no pyrotechnics) and a pyrotechnic source that when combined will provide controlled nut fracture at a predetermined separation plane. The separation event is initiated with detonation. The output of the Initiating Device provides the energetic stimulus for initiation of the explosive powder inside the Booster Assembly. The powder detonates causing rapid expansion of the steel Booster housing and transmission of shock waves through the Booster housing into the Frangible Nut.