HELIX™–High Energy Liquid Explosive
Designed for structure and confined space defeat


HELIX™ High Energy Liquid Explosive is a powerful and versatile liquid explosive which eliminates the logistical difficulties usually encountered in shipping and storing high explosives. HELIX™ is sold as two components, the liquid and the activator, each of which can remain in long term storage. When mixed, HELIX™ is a detonator sensitive, high explosive with high gas volume, high bulk energy and consistent detonating velocity.


    • Velocity: 6,400 m/s (21,000 f/s)
    • Density: 1.3g/cc
    • High bulk energy
    • Thermally stable to 167°F (75°C)
    • Low sensitivity to friction, impact and electrostatic discharge (ESD)



HELIX™ High Energy Liquid Explosive is supplied as a two component system. The flammable liquid and flammable solid are combined and mixed to form the high explosive formulation ready for use. HELIX™ is sensitive to No. 8 strength detonators at ambient conditions as well as 50 g/ft (10 g/m) detonating cord. HELIX™ can also be supplied in breaching frames where only the flammable liquid needs to be added.

HELIX™ is suitable for use and can be utilized in multiple end items such as shaped charges, bulk charges, disrupters and common demolition configurations.


    • Breaching
    • Explosive ordnance disposal
    • General demolition
    • IED defeat

Key Features

    • Non-explosive until mixed
    • Mixes and arms instantly
    • Easy to use
    • Adaptable
    • Non-explosive shipping and storage classification
    • Reduced logistics cycle
    • Ready to ship

EBAD is able to tailor binary portions to meet most operational requirements.