Launch Vehicle

For almost 60 years, EBAD has supplied initiation, separation, and flight destruct hardware for commercial and government launches. Our flight heritage for launch vehicle platforms goes back to the Titan launcher and Saturn II programs, and we are always looking ahead to providing technologies and solutions for future programs that support the continuous development of space markets to include tourism, habitation and exploration.


EBAD’s satellite HDRM’s have the broadest use in the US and European space market, having been used on over 500 platforms to date. Through our NEA® and TiNi™ product lines, EBAD has designed, qualified and delivered more HRDMs for spaceflight applications than anyone else in the world. We have 100% mission success over a twenty-year period, with over ten thousand mechanisms successfully released in space. Our devices are used in telecom, navigation, earth science, and exploration platforms.

Human Space

For over 50 years, EBAD has been a key partner to NASA ensuring mission success on every U.S. human space flight platform since the Mercury program. The customers we served for Apollo are the same customers we serve today for Orion, and one day, we will serve on a mission to Mars. Whether we are providing mission-critical components on crew capsules, or flying our hardware on every major U.S. launch vehicle, EBAD is strongly committed to achieving NASA’s human lunar exploration plan to send the first woman and next man to the Moon by 2024.