Integral Firing Device (IFD) and Dual Integral Firing Device (DIFD)
Close for comfort

Integral Firing Device (IFD)

The Integral Firing Device (IFD) is an all-in-one, disposable shock tube firing system designed for close-quarter breaching applications. The IFD is available in single or dual shock tube configurations. The IFD eliminates the need to field-improvise a firing assembly by providing a quick and simple charge set-up, thus minimizing time on target. With its compact design, the IFD can be carried in standard cargo pockets allowing for immediate accessibility and ease of transport. The IFD is interchangeable with most military initiation assemblies and, with a booster, is capable of initiating most standard breaching charges.


  1. Remove detonator from the case.
  2. Pull shock tube to needed length.
  3. Connect the detonator to the charge.
  4. Return to safe position.
  5. Remove safety pins.
  6. Initiate by fully rotating the firing lever back and releasing.
  7. Retreat to position until initiation.


The IFD provides a durable, self-contained firing assembly for tactical breaching applications.


    • Military strength detonator
    • 2 mm (0.085”) “Minitube”
    • Plastic case with removable cap that protects the system from the environment, abuse and hazards
    • Integrated firing assembly containing detonator, shock tube, primer and initiation method
    • Sturdy and compact design
    • Dual safety pins