Lanyard Cutter
Ordnance and pyrotechnic devices for the launch vehicle, missile, and spacecraft markets

Lanyard Cutter

EBAD is the global leader in ordnance and pyrotechnic devices for the launch vehicle, missile, and spacecraft markets. Pyrotechnic Cutters are devices used for the severance of rods, tubes, cables, wires, bolts or other hold down mechanisms. Actuation of the device is by a Flexible Confined Detonating Cord Assembly (FCDCA) and it is rapid, reliable and effective.

Principle of Operation

The device is initiated with a FCDCA. Once initiated, the fully confined detonation output produces enough gas pressure within the Lanyard Cutter Body to first break a shear pin, forcing the cutter blade down the shaft to impact on the target material, thus severing it. The shape of the cutter blade has been optimized to cut FCDCA or a lanyard. The cutter comes to rest on an anvil which has the added feature of being removable, thus allowing the Lanyard Cutter to be installed over a previously installed or pre-tensioned substrate. This can allow for the ordnance device to be installed and connected late in the vehicle integration process.

The Lanyard Cutter has been specifically designed and qualified for the extreme environments of space. Its wide operational temperature range and high level of demonstrated reliability make it an ideal choice for most satellite, spacecraft, and launch vehicle applications.


EBAD’s Lanyard Cutter has an Aluminum housing that contains all the critical components. The design and construction allow for high pressure seal capability during and after actuation. The cutter is designed to prevent fragmentation or leakage of exploded gases externally or into the flow passages. Post actuation the internal and external seal is provided by a metal to metal seal. The Lanyard cutter has an Aluminum anvil where the blade comes to rest post actuation, and a Stainless Steel blade designed to cut through a FCDCA or lanyard.


Typical applications include

    • FCDCA Cutting
    • Lanyard Cutting

Key Features

    • Fast acting

    • Wide operating temperature range

    • High demonstrated reliability

    • Space rated materials

    • Hermetically Sealed Body

    • Long storage life