Launch Vehicle

Our Heritage is Yours

For almost 60 years, EBAD has supplied initiation, separation, and flight destruct hardware for commercial and government launches. Our flight heritage for launch vehicle platforms goes back to the Titan launcher, then Saturn II programs, and we are always looking ahead to providing technologies and solutions for future programs that support the continuous development of space markets to include tourism, habitation and exploration.

EBAD designs and manufactures high quality, reliable and innovative devices and systems. In 1957, EBAD invented the linear shaped charge (LSC) for a missile stage separation application. Since then, we’ve been a mission-critical supplier of ordnance products to the Atlas, Delta, and Titan families of launch vehicles. These vehicle providers, and many since then, have trusted EBAD to provide systems and devices for separation and release, actuation, deployment, power & signal transmission, and propulsion.

Whether it is on large, heavy-lift launch vehicles transporting crew capsules and critical payloads, or supporting the development of small launch vehicle start-ups, EBAD is the global market leader providing the widest range of mechanisms and solutions right for any mission. The space industry leader since the 1950s, our long heritage, diversified products and engineering capabilities make us the supplier of choice for every launch vehicle platform.

Technology Designed with the Future in Mind

Our company has stood the test of time and is vigilantly focused on the future. The customers we serviced for Apollo are the same customers we service today for Orion, and one day, we’ll service on a mission to Mars. We fully support the administration and NASA’s goals to reach the Moon by 2024 and as such, are active in all space programs to include NASA’s Commercial Crew Program and Gateway (LOP-G). Integral to the success of these programs are the high safety and reliability standards of the launch vehicles themselves, and we pride ourselves on the high quality and pedigree of our energetic and non-energetic products. Our 100% mission success rate demonstrates our organizational capability to develop, qualify, and deliver hardware to some of the most demanding technical and programmatic requirements. Our company has stood the test of time and is vigilantly focused on the future…Right for your Mission™.

NEA® product line key features

  • Ultra-low shock
  • Refurbishable
  • Split spool technology designed into four main product lines
    • Hold down release mechanisms “HDRM”
    • Pin pullers
    • Lithium-ion cell bypass switches
    • Isolation valves
  • Wide operating temperature line
  • Wide range of preload capability (0 to 100k lbF)
  • Activation on existing pyro lines
  • Fast activation (less than 40mS) 
  • High simultaneity (less than 5mS)

TiNi™ product line key features

  • Field Resettable
  • Shape memory alloy technology designed into 4 main product lines
    • Ejectors/Penetrators
    • Pin puller/pusher/
    • Frangibolt® Actuators
    • Isolation valves
    • Cable cutters
  • Low shock
  • Fast acting

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