LF-2/LF-2XA Explosives
Unique performance for precision application

EBAD is the manufacturer of Low Flammability LF-2 and LF-2XA explosive compositions, which are qualified and fielded in numerous US and international reactive armor products. EBAD’s LF-2 family of explosives is configured to match the complex reaction requirements of unique reactive armor applications while maintaining very exacting performance and properties tolerances.

Truly practical, preventative measures

Designed to react to high-velocity shaped charge jet stimuli, the LF-2 family of explosives has been formulated to self-extinguish once set aflame. It is type 2 classified on various US military combat vehicle platforms. Its greatest characteristic lies in its low sensitivity properties that greatly reduce the possibility of sympathetic detonation and allow the Reactive Armor designer to reduce weight, increase areas of coverage and develop practical multi-hit designs. The product has been proven safe, reliable, and effective during over 25 years of combat usage.