Design that sets the standard


Used in virtually all space launch vehicles, strategic missiles, tactical missiles and aircraft for reliable energetic signal transfer, EBAD manifolds connect energetic components with non-electric signal transfer systems. They ensure reliable transfer with controlled transfer interface geometry. All EBAD manifolds are uniquely designed to fully confine explosive by-products, maintain structural integrity and provide an electrical grounding path.

Ideal standard design is also ideally customizable

EBAD’s typical manifolds are inert; however, we do design and produce customer-specific manifolds that incorporate Mild Detonating Fuse (MDF) or Plastic Bonded Explosive (PBX) based on certain mission requirements. Expert construction is vital to durability and reliability and EBAD manifolds are non-fragmenting and made of several aluminum or steel allows equipped with laser part marking to identify ports and other relevant part information, and come with clearly labeled input and output ports, tailored mounting for customer application and lockwire provisions.

*Commercial Item per FAR 2.101