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Right for your Mission™

EBAD is the industry leader for highly reliable precision ordnance solutions. For nearly 70 years, our products have directly contributed to thousands of successful missions on Strategic Missile, Missile Defense, and Tactical Missile platforms. Our decades of experience partnering for success with our prime contractor customer, as well as with the end user and safety communities, sets us apart from our competitors. Our energetic and mechanism capabilities enable us to solve our customers’ most challenging applications needs, and enable our customers’ platform evolution as mission needs change. Whether our products are used for Strategic Missile stage separation, Missile Defense booster flight destruct, Kill Vehicle release, or Tactical Missile motor ignition, our products and capabilities assure your mission success today, and in the future.

Strategic Missile

The application of Ensign-Bickford products to Strategic platforms in the 1950s enabled these new missiles to achieve higher levels of mission performance. For more than 60 years since, we’ve been the supplier of choice for Strategic Missile ordnance, providing product stability and managing obsolescence risks for large U.S. government investments. Today, we provide robust electro-mechanical initiation devices, low-debris separation and release systems, and high-end Electronic Safe & Arm-based flight destruct systems. EBAD’s total ordnance system knowledge means we deliver integrated, maintainable, and low risk solutions across the platform – for the life of the program.

Tactical Missile

In the early-1950s, Ensign-Bickford’s detonating cord product was used for a separation system on the Martin MGM-1 Matador missile, the US’s first operational surface-to-surface cruise missile. Today, our capability includes electronic and electromechanical initiation systems, energetic and non-energetic mechanisms, and world class warhead manufacturing. Our expertise in Flight Termination Systems, our broad CAD/PAD product offering, and high rate production capability makes EBAD an ideal partner, assuring your mission success.

Missile Defense

Missile Defense capability is based on reliability and readiness assurance. EBAD supports U.S. and allied missions around the world, supplying a wide array of critical components for Missile Defense interceptors, kill vehicles, and ballistic target vehicles. Whether it be in-theater, at sea, or land based, our initiation, separation and release, and destruct systems play a critical role in our Nation’s layered defense systems. Our capability for delivering high-performance, low-risk, and reliable energetic and mechanism technologies make us “Right for Your Mission™.”