MPLC® Minefield Breaching
The Freedom to Move. The Power to Survive.
MPLC® Tactical Line Charge

The MPLC®, NSN # 1375-01-593-8347, is a lightweight and portable rocket launched explosive line charge system that assists in breaching through a complex mined or trip-wired environment.

Designed for deployment at the small tactical unit level, the MPLC® serves as a minefield breaching weapon system used for clearing operations in urban and mined environments. One of its key features is its ability to be operated from concealed positions, enhancing mobility and survivability for soldiers. The system contained within a backpack, designed for carry and deployment by one soldier, does not require additional tools or equipment, however; a hammer may be needed to secure the launch pad to the ground, emphasizing its user-friendly nature. Once the system is in black, a shock tube firing system will initiate the rocket and detonate the line charge.

The MPLC® is composed of the following:

A plastic bonded explosive line charge

A small rocket motor used to deploy the line charge

An arresting strap

A launch rod

And dual shock tube housed in a SKIN-PACK® Detonator Assembly