NEA® Zero Separation Force (ZSF) & In-flight Disconnect (IFD)
Electrically Initiated, One-shot Release Mechanism

Model ZSF and IFD Product Data Sheet

EBAD’s Zero Separation Force (ZSF) and In-Flight Disconnects (IFD) connectors are reliable in-flight electrical disconnects for satellite and spacecraft separation, missile staging, and umbilical separation. Connector pairs are designed to provide precision zero, positive or negative separation force, eliminating the need for lanyard pull actuation.


Typical applications include:

    • Satellite, spacecraft and payloads
    • Stage separation
    • Umbilical disconnects
    • Panel disconnect assemblies

Principle of Operation

The NEA® ZSF and IFD electrical interconnects incorporate standard MIL-DTL-38999 inserts and MIL-C-39029 pin and socket contacts.

Each mated connector pair is factory calibrated to compensate for connector pin engagement and other retention forces, assuring precise and smooth separation. ZSF and IFD connectors feature a floating shell, eliminating jamming during mating and separation. Blind engagement of the plug and receptacle pairs is possible, since the connectors allow for linear and angular misalignment. Connectors can be mounted from the rear of the panel or bracket, allowing for ease of installation. All of the in-flight disconnects are backshell ready, and if required, can be provided with the overall system.

EBAD has the capability to pair our connectors with our non-explosive Hold Down & Release Mechanisms (HDRM) and other hardware such as brackets, alignment pins, springs, and harnessing to provide low-shock, high reliability stage and umbilical disconnect assemblies.

Key Features

    • Zero, positive, or negative separation force
    • Mounts from rear of panel or bracket
    • Tolerates wide range of linear and angular misalignment permitting blind engagement
    • Standard MIL-DTL-38999 inserts
    • Full range of keying configurations
    • Service Class H
    • Utilizes MIL-C-39029 pin and socket contacts
    • AS85049 compatible backshell
    • Backshell hardware available
    • Complete harness and disconnect assemblies available
    • ZSF100 series mates with our Model DF200 and 201 dead face connectors
Model ZSF and IFD Configurations

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*Commercial Item per FAR 2.101

Model ZSF and IFD Technical Specifications