Plastic Bonded Explosive (PBX) Detonating Cord
Leading with better products

The aerospace and defense industries continually rely on our extensive experience in the scale-up and production of Plastic Bonded Explosives (PBX). EBAD’s scientists and engineers offer leading edge development of Department of Defense (DOD), aerospace, commercial and specialty applications.

Unique mechanical properties

EBAD offers a wide range of standard Plastic Bonded Explosives (PBX) Detonating Cords, which consist of a PETN, RDX, or HMX explosive, with plasticizers and binders, resulting in a less sensitive, waterproof explosive. Plastic Bonded Explosives (PBX) Detonating Cords are used in various applications, including sheet explosives, reactive armor, explosive cutting, and metal hardening, and have been produced in coreloads from 50 grains/foot to 1,150 grains/foot. Due to their unique mechanical and explosive properties, these cords have been used in a number of minefield breaching applications.