Rapid Wall Breaching Kit (RWBK)
Single man-portable, self-contained breaching system

Rapid Wall Breaching Kit (RWBK)

The Rapid Wall Breaching Kit (RWBK) is a single man-portable, self-contained breaching system comprised of modular components. Four main parts of the system are the:

    • Carrying Bag: made from a low-weight, long-lasting nylon with handles that allow for backpack use and attachment to standard military frames
    • Explosive Charge Assembly: includes ACE™  Advanced Cutting Explosive, SOB® Slip On Boosters and PRIMACORD® Detonating Cord
    • Silhouette: made from corrugated waterproof plastic with stenciled charge locator and press points, as well as preset hook-and-loop connector. Includes adjustable prop stick for easy deployment under all conditions
    • Initiation System (optional): Dual shock tube initiation assembly, containing 200 foot (60m) dual “Minitube” lead with No.12 strength military detonators, integrated M81 type initiators, M9 bunch blocks, M18 detonator and complete instruction sheet.


User should remove contents of carry bag, then unfold the charge supporting silhouette. The foam-encased breaching charge attaches to silhouette using hook and loop straps. Once assembled, an initiation method can be chosen. User can fold the assembly in half for convenient transport to target. The folded silhouette, detonator assembly and prop stick can be carried to target. Silhouette can be placed against target with the charge on opposite side of silhouette from the target. Prop stick can be inserted into silhouette and adjusted for proper height. One detonator can be attached to each PRIMACORD® Detonating Cord lead on the charge. User can fire by pulling the ring on each firing device simultaneously.


The system defeats a number of targets:

    • Triple brick walls
    • Standard brick walls
    • Double reinforced concrete walls
    • Non-reinforced concrete walls
    • Wire chain fencingWood and metal structures



    • Low hazard
    • Folds in half to improve mobility
    • Charge design allows for placement in any orientation
    • PRIMACORD® leads allow for easy dual initiation
    • Assembles in less than three (3) minutes
    • Total time on target less than 30 seconds
    • Easy-to-follow instructions
    • Overall weight of approx. 27 lbs (12.25kg)
    • Net explosive weight of approx. 8.8 lbs (4kg)
    • Overall size: 6 in (15.25cm) H x 22 in (56cm) W x 20 in (51cm) L