Satchel Charge
Designed for defeating structures


Satchel Charges are easy-to-use enhanced blast explosive devices designed for structure and confined space defeat utilizing blast overpressure and impulse effects.

The MK179 MOD 0 (10 pound) and MK180 MOD 0 (5 pound) Satchel Charges offer very high level of blast overpressure and long impulse due to the EBAD-developed PAX-47 charge. PAX-47 is an HMX and aluminum based cast-cure plastic bonded explosive (PBX) that is qualified to OES-DTL-0123.

The Satchel Charges are manufactured under controlled conditions, providing high consistency, quality, and reliability.


Designed for:

    • Structure defeat
    • Confined space (bunker and cave) defeat
    • Blast overpressure effects



    • High blast overpressure and long impulse
    • OES-DTL-0123 qualified HMX-based explosive (PAX-47 Cast-Cure PBX)
    • Built-in rare earth magnets
    • Reliable initiation and detonation transfer utilizing built-in PETN-based boosters
    • Initiation using standard military detonators and/or 50 gr/ft (10 g/m) Detonating Cord