Separation Bolt Series
Fast, Low Debris Separation

EBAD is a leader in Separation Bolts for the launch vehicle and spacecraft market along with the associated initiators and pressure cartridges. The Separation Bolt uses work in the form of a pyrotechnic input to fracture the bolt, and cause separation at the pre-determined separation plane. EBAD produces Separation Bolts ranging in size from 1/2″ to 2.25″ with preload capability ranging from 4,000 to 86,000 pounds force. Separation Bolts provide fast, low debris separation of highly preloaded structural elements. The separation plane and other fastening features can be adjusted based on specific customer requirements.

Principle of Operation

Separation Bolts are comprised of an inert bolt assembly and the pressure cartridges. The unit is actuated by redundant initiators, but only needs one to fire to achieve positive bolt release. The output charge builds pressure, rupturing the closure disc. Gas pressure rapidly fills the Separation Bolt internal cavity. The gas pressure acts on the piston face axially loading the bolt in tension, which causes mechanical failure of the bolt at the notch resulting in separation at a predetermined location.


Separation Bolts are used in the separation for high preload applications including:

    • Satellites, spacecraft, and payloads
    • Booms and masts
    • Stage separation

Key Features

    • High reliability
    • Low debris
    • Redundant actuation
    • High preload
    • Fast acting
    • High simultaneity
    • Redundant initiators (NSI or equivalent)
    • FCDCA initiated configurations available

Separation Bolt Series Variations

Series 96-050 (3/4″) Separation Bolt
Series 96-051 (3/4″) Separation Bolt
Series 96-070 (1″) Separation Bolt
Series 96-100 (1-3/8″) Separation Bolt
Series 96-150 (2″) Separation Bolt