Separation Nut Series
Low Shock, Debris-Free Separation

EBAD is a leader in pyrotechnic Separation Nuts for the launch vehicle and spacecraft market along with the associated initiators and boosters. The Separation Nut uses work in the form of a pyrotechnic input to release a bolt, and cause separation. EBAD produces Separation Nuts ranging in size from 1/4″ to 1″ (M6 to M25) with pre-load capability ranging from 2,750 to 54,000 pounds force (11kN to 240.2kN). Separation Nuts provide fast, low shock, debris-free separation of highly preloaded structual elements.

Principle of Operation

The Separation Nut functions using the initiator time/pressure output to move the sleeve upward, unlocking the threaded nut segments. Once unlocked, they release radially outward and eject the bolt. The initiator alone does not provide sufficient pressure output to assure reliable function, so an EBAD booster cartridge is required for this design. Output shock is minimized with design features and use of pressure to react against the internal moving parts before end of stroke metal-to-metal contact.

EBAD has the capability to pair Separation Nuts with custom release rods, preload nuts, extractors, bolt catchers, mounting brackets, springs, connectors, and electrical harnessing to create high reliability release brackets and assemblies.


The EBAD separation nuts are used in the separation of a wide variety of aerospace and defense platforms including:

    • Antennas
    • Scientific instruments
    • Solar arrays
    • Reflectors
    • Satellites, spacecraft, and payloads
    • Booms and masts
    • Launch locks for gimbals, thrusters
    • Stage separation
    • Caging mechanisms

Key Features

    • Redundant initiators (NSI or equivalent)
    • Fast actuation time
    • Space-rated materials
    • Extended operating temperature range
    • Qualified for human-rated programs
    • Low shock
    • Debris-free application
    • FCDCA initiated configurations available
Series 86-010 (1/4″) Separation Nut
Series 86-020 (3/8″) Separation Nut
Series 86-030 (1/2″) Separation Nut
Series 86-050 (3/4″) Separation Nut
Series 86-060 (7/8″) Separation Nut