Shock Tube Assembly (STA)
Safer and Easier Non-Electrical Initiation

Shock Tube Assemblies

The Shock Tube Detonator is a linear signal transmission device designed to transmit an energetic signal through shock tube to a detonator. Shock tube is a hollow extruded tube containing a thin layer of energetic materials on its inner diameter. Once initiated, the shock tube transmits a signal to a detonating output charge, typically incorporating an instantaneous output or a pre-determined delay. Shock Tube Detonator is available with an optional patented in-line initiator consisting of a threaded adapter and a pre-installed percussion primer providing convenient and reliable initiation.

Principle of Operation

EBAD has configurations to save logistical footprint and aid in deployment. Most detonators are available in a 1.4S configuration to maximize ease of transport. The Dual Shock Tube Detonator allows for dual path redundancy from the point of initiation to the target. “Minitube” (0.085 inches, 2 mm) detonator assemblies exhibit decreased coil memory over standard 0.118 inches (3mm) shock tube assemblies. In addition, “Minitube” provides a 40% reduction in weight and volume.


The Shock Tube Detonator is designed to initiate explosives and other energetic materials. The Shock Tube Detonator is compatible with munitions, cap wells, detonating cords, high explosives and lead-in-lines.

    • Military demolitions
    • Explosive ordnance disposal
    • Minefield clearance
    • Explosive testing
    • Breaching
    • Special applications


    • Not sensitive to EMF
    • Water resistant
    • Substitute for detonating cord
    • Available in varied lengths
    • Instant or delayed configurations
    • Military strength detonators
    • High abrasion resistance