SOB® Slip on Booster

Giving your charge a boost

OverviewThe SOB® Slip-On-Booster is a flexible PETN-based explosive composition shaped into a cylinder. It is manufactured in 20-gram units and is used primarily for increasing output strength of a detonator, detonating cord, or a booster assembly. The SOB® is manufactured and can be certified in accordance with the NAVSEA drawing 6545554 (MK140 MOD 0).


The SOB® Slip-On-Booster is inserted over a detonator, booster assembly or detonating cord to enhance explosive output or act as the output charge. The SOB® is used for general-purpose military and commercial demolition applications to increase the reliability of the charge initiation.



    • VOD: 7,100 m/s (nominal)
    • Density: 1.44 g/cc (nominal)
    • Storage Temperature:
    • -40°F to 165°F (-40°C to 74°C)
    • Bullet-impact insensitive
    • 0.2% or 1.0% minimum vapor tagged (DMDNB)