State of The Art Module Assembly
Reducing Cost, Minimizing Waste

EBAD has designed and set up an automated Reactive Armor LAP facility to support reactive armor programs. EBAD designed the module assembly and packaging cells for optimum production needs.  This allows EBAD to reduce work in process, reducing the cost of manufacturing the product, and minimizing waste.

The process steps for module assembly include:

    • Sealant dispensing stations, based on the sealant cure times
    • Riveting stations, utilizing pneumatic rivet tools
    • Paint stations, utilizing CARC paint coatings
    • Marking stations to place the identification and serialization marking onto the Module
    • Inspection stations for final product acceptance
    • Packaging stations utilizing protective wraps, barrier bags, fiberboard boxes, and wooden shipping containers, complete with container identification markings.
    • Palletization station, dedicated to the pallet box assembly, pallet loading, pallet sealing, pallet banding, and pallet marking.