Thru-Bulkhead Initiator (TBI)
Providing solid rocket motor ignition

Thru-Bulkhead Initiator (TBI)

EBAD is a leader in providing Thru-Bulkhead Initiators (TBI) used in missiles, launch vehicles, and other aerospace and defense platforms for the ignition of solid rocket motors. TBIs are designed to provide solid rocket motor ignition while maintaining a pressure seal to prevent the escape of any combustion by-products. EBAD produces TBIs with Adapter Input Threads ranging in size from 3/8” to 5/8” and proof loads of 3750 psig. EBAD’s TBIs have been qualified for man-rated programs.

Principal of Operation

The Series 66 TBI is initiated by an FCDCA input that is threaded into the body. A PETN donor charge is initiated by the FCDCA, and results in reliable detonation transfer via shock through a stainless steel bulkhead to the output charge without rupturing the bulkhead. Ignition of the Ti/CuO output charge results in ignition of the solid rocket motor ignitor. Alternate donor and output charges are available.


The Series 66 TBI has a stainless steel body that houses all the critical elements of the TBI, and a stainless steel adapter to accomodate different FCDCA configurations. The construction provides pressure sealing from downstream solid rocket motor to keep hot gases, pressure, and other combustion by-products from leaking outside the motor pressure vessel. The time-pressure and caloric output is generated from a Ti/CuO output charge. The output port accommodates the welding of a cruciform closure disk which provides hermetic sealing and prevents metallic debris.


EBAD’s Series 66 TBI can be used for the ignition of solid rocket motors on strategic missiles, tactical missiles, and launch vehicles, and can be used in the initiation of hot gas generators. Derivations of the Series 66 TBI are also used to convert a detonation signal through the bulkhead to a pyrotechnic output.

Key Features

    • FCDCA initiation
    • High reliability
    • One-piece bulkhead and separate input adapter design
    • Accepts various FCDCA sizes
    • Hermetically sealed
    • Wide operating temperature range
    • Post function backpressure > 4300 psig
    • Space rated materials
    • Qualified for man-rated platforms
    • Ratchet configuration available

*Commercial Item per FAR 2.101