TiNi™ Cryogenic Valve

Operable at Pressures up to 10,000 psi

The EBAD TiNi™ Cryogenic Valve uses a high force piston that is operable at pressures up to 10,000 psi. This may be configured in either a “Normally Open” or “Normally Closed” embodiment. The sealing mechanism is designed to operate with both gas or liquid at temperatures down to -200 degrees Celsius.

NEA® (Non-Explosive Actuators) – As with all EBAD products, the Valve is non-pyrotechnic and field reset-able with a minimum qualified life of 10 cycles.

Field Reset-able and Reliable – The Valve is reset by simply re-cocking the piston that drives it using the specially tool provided.  This may be done while the Valve remains fully attached to supporting structure and plumbing.

Redundant Firing Circuit – As with all EBAD Actuators a redundant SMA circuit is incorporated. This provides complete electrical redundancy as well as mechanical redundancy for the critical trigger element.

Fast Acting – By directly passing current through the SMA element, EBAD Valves perform in millisecond time frame making them ideal in critical flow applications.

Auto Shut-Off Switches – Simple Auto Shut Off Switches are incorporated into each Valve to protect the Trigger.  This makes them very “user friendly” and operable from a wide range of current and voltages.

Cryogenic Valve Options

The NOV-4387 Valve is a “Normally Open” configuration valve that can be used to shut off high pressure flow on command.   Inlet and Outlet tubes and attachment method are customizable as is the flow direction (inline as shown or orthogonal).  As with all EBAD  products, key attributes include:


    • Non Pyrotechnic and Field Reset-able
    • Redundant Firing Circuit,
    • Maximum Reliability Thru
      • Design Simplicity
      • Pedigree, and
      • Testability

* Reset Tool provided by EBAD.


NOV-4387 Details
Mass 14.8 oz [420 g]
Power 3.4 W @ 1.25 A
Operational Current 1.25 t0 4.5 A
Resistance 2.2 ± 0.3 Ω @ 23 degrees C
Operational Pressure 5,000 psi [34.5 Mpa] MAX
Proof Pressure 12,500 psi [86.2 MPa] MIN
Valve Orifice Diameter ∅0.040 in (∅1 mm)
Function Time 100 msec. MAX @ 2.5 A (23 degrees C)
Reusable By Manual Reset
Life 10 Cycles MIN
Operational Temperature -65 degrees C to +70 degrees C

Specification subject to revision. Contact EBAD for detailed ICD (Interface Control Drawing).

Cryogenic Valve Accessories

Reset Tools

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