Proper training leads to mission success.

Our Warfighter team is comprised of highly trained individuals with an expert knowledge on explosive products and applications. Preparing the Warfighter for mission success, EBAD understands the importance of training and education for breaching, EOD, demolition, clearance, and disruption. Throughout all of our training sessions, we strongly stress the safe use, handing, and deployment of our products helping the Warfighter gain the confidence to use the product safely and appropriately.

Proper training provides confidence, awareness, and leads to mission success. Our team of experts provide in-country support on product familiarization, application assessment and extensive training to support counter terrorism, homeland security, and in-country security. With a global footprint in over 35 countries, EBAD also supports our allied forces’ international Military and Law Enforcement Units with explosives training, tactical energetic entry, and explosive breaching. EBAD continually assesses mission risks in order to improve application performance and minimize collateral impact to the Warfighter.

Explosive Breaching Training

    • Charge-to-target selection
    • Safe standoff

Clearance and Disruption

    • Minefield clearance
    • Path to safety
    • Training would involve product capability, familiarization, assessment