Universal Breaching System (UBS)
Quickly configure shapes and integrate explosives

Universal Breaching System (UBS)

The Universal Breaching System (UBS) is a field adaptable breaching platform that allows end users the flexibility to quickly configure shapes and integrate explosives. The frame of the UBS is made from durable, blow molded sections that can be configured into a final delivery tool.

The UBS is manufactured in the following configuration

    • V-shaped channel that houses conventional breaching explosives such as:
      • PRIMASHEET® Flexible Sheet Explosive
      • ACEAdvanced Cutting Explosive
      • PRIMACORD® Detonating Cord


Depending on the target, the user can pour water or other tamping media inside the hollow UBS frame to direct energy and reduce blast overpressure. Combined with EBAD’s full line of SKIN-PACK® Detonator Assemblies and Shock Tube Detonator Systems, the UBS provides a flexible, easy to use breaching solution.


    • Tactical breaching
    • Demolition
    • Explosive ordnance disposal (EOD)
    • Counter IED


Key Features:

    • Robust corner, straight and tee sections
    • Lightweight and adaptable configurations
    • Water or other tamping media option
    • Conventional or binary energetic configurations
    • Reduced logistics