2023 Space Tech Expo Europe
Space Tech Expo Bremen

EBAD will be attending the Space Tech Expo in Bremen, November 14-16 at Booth F44. We will be featuring our Payload dispensing, separation, initiation, flight termination, release mechanisms, and more. Stop by and learn more about our capabilities and cutting-edge technologies.

NEA® Payload Release Ring

The NEA® Payload Release Ring (PRR) consists of four (4) NEA release mechanisms, two ring halves, and separation springs with corresponding holders.

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NEA® Multi-Point Payload Release Module

The NEA® Payload Release Module – PRM 9103 is designed to mount, hold, and release a spacecraft from the launch vehicle upper stage, or from another carrying spacecraft (OTV for instance).

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NEA® Zero Separation Force (ZSF) & In-flight Disconnect (IFD)

The Zero Separation Force (ZSF) and In-Flight Disconnects (IFD) connectors are reliable in-flight electrical disconnects for satellite and spacecraft separation, missile staging, and umbilical separation.

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