Pre-Made Charge, Scissor Charge
Designed for quick deployment.

The Scissor Charge is a pre-made advanced breaching tool that incorporates ACE® Cutting Charge, SOB® Slip-On-Boosters, and Detonating Cord into a ready-made charge for defeating cables, chains, and other similar targets. The charge has both hook-and-loop strips and straps for easy attachment around the target.

The charge assembly is vacuum-sealed in a barrier bag for maximum protection and storage life. The Pre-Made Charge is manufactured under controlled conditions, providing high consistency, quality, and reliability. All of the explosive components are designed, manufactured, and qualified for use by United States Military and International Forces.


    • Designed to defeat cables and chains
    • Cuts and severs target from both sides simultaneously
    • No field assembly required – open and go



    • ACE® – 20″ (510 mm) length
    • Detonating Cord – 50 gr/ft (10 g/m) – two (2) 6″ (150 mm) for attachment of standard military detonators
    • SOB® Slip-On-Booster – for reliable initiation and detonation transfer
    • Hook-and-loop strips – for attachment of the two ends
    • Hook-and-loop strap – to secure to target
    • Compliant with Montreal Protocol taggant (tracer) levels


The Scissor Charge is deployed by folding the ACE® charge over the target, securing the strips together and connecting and tightening the straps. Once the charge is deployed, the detonator from an EBAD SKIN-PACK® or equivalent initiation device is attached to the Detonating Cord using an accepted method of attachment.