Introducing The Modular Stick Charge (MSC)
Why carry multiple charges? EBAD has a one charge solution!

Ensign-Bickford has developed a revolutionary charge that eliminates the need to build and carry multiple charges. By using our Modular Stick Charge (MSC), you can scale your charge for your target using our unique detonating cord locking system.

We understand the Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) issues that come from excessive overpressure. By using tamping gel and a proprietary slotted PRIMASHEET® 1000 Flexible Sheet Explosive, we have found an innovative way to lower net explosive weight with better results for your door breaching needs.

The Modular Stick Charge (MSC) paired with one of EBAD’s IFD or SKIN-PACK® initiation systems provides you with a complete system for your mission.

Please contact EBAD (or your local representative) for more information.